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CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system for the production of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for both anterior and posterior teeth.  The advanced CEREC technology actually preserves more of the natural structure of your teeth than traditional methods, leaving you with a beautiful smile that is stronger than when you walked

New Cerec image in the office. CEREC even employs a unique adhesive bonding structure that seals the ceramic more securely than any other dental cement, leaving no risk of infection!

The advanced CEREC® unit utilizes CAD/CAM technology that provides crowns and partial crowns for patients in one day. To begin the process, the prepared tooth is designed after images of the original tooth are taken with a special camera. The tooth is then captured on a computer screen which creates a 3D model so you can see what your tooth will look like. Once the design is finalized, it is sent to our milling unit, where it will be crafted from a solid block of porcelain. Your customized crown or partial crown is carved from this porcelain block, and then placed on the prepared tooth. The crown is color-matched to your surrounding teeth for a nice and natural-looking blend. There are no messy impressions, no second visits and no inconvenient temporaries required.

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